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Luxurious Wholesale Designer Fabrics

Immerse yourself in Brydealo Factory's world of wholesale designer fabrics. Offering an array of luxurious materials - lace, silk, crepe, chiffon, satin, and more, we're your trusted destination for all things fabric. Hand-made flowers, beading, sequins adorn our fabrics, infusing sparkle and style into your projects. Whether for wedding gowns, formal attire, fashion pieces or home decor, we've got you covered. Shop now and elevate your creations with our exceptional fabrics.

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Embroidered Flower Leaf Bridal Lace AppliqueFlower Leaf Bridal Lace Applique
Shimmery Abstract Patterned Bridal Lace AppliquéShimmery Abstract Patterned Bridal Lace
flower embroidered lace appliquesembroidered lace
large embroidery flower lace appliquesdelicate clear sequin lace appliques
symmetry flower lace appliquesembroidery flower lace appliques
symmetrical embroidery beaded appliques sparkly beading appliques
designer beaded flower lace appliquesbeaded flower lace appliques
symmetric clear sequin flower lace appliquesclear sequin flower lace applique
wholesale sheer sequined bridal lace appliquesshimmery sheer sequined bridal lace appliques
Exquisite Varisized Flower Bridal Lace AppliqueVarisized Flower Bridal Lace Applique
Beautiful Symmetrical Bridal Lace Applique Symmetrical Bridal Lace Applique
Symmetrical Bridal Lace Appliques for WholesaleSymmetrical Bridal Lace Appliques
Wholesale Abstract Patterned Bridal Lace AppliqueBridal Lace Applique
Gracious Flower Cotton Bridal Lace Appliques Flower Cotton Bridal Lace Appliques
Beautiful Flower Embroidery Bridal Lace AppliquesEmbroidery Bridal Lace Appliques
Shimmery Flower Embroidery Bridal Lace AppliquesWholesale Shimmery Flower Embroidery Bridal Lace Appliques
shimmery symmetric lace appliqueclear sequin embroidered lace applique
Delicate Botanic Chemical Lace AppliquesDelicate Botanic Chemical Lace Appliques
cotton corded shimmery lace appliquesclear sequin corded flower lace appliques
quality designer flower lace appliquesembroidered flower lace appliques
flower lace appliquescorded flower lace appliques
corded flower lace appliquescording flower lace
embroidered flower sequin appliquesequin embroidered applique
symmetric totem beaded lace appliquebeaded embroidery applique
cream white sequined lace appliqueswhite sequin lace appliques
corded flower lace fabriccorded flower lace appliques
symmetric flower chemical lace appliqueschemical lace appliques
symmetric chemical lace appliquedelicate symmetric applique sold by the piece
cotton flower lace appliqueshigh quality flower lace
embroidery flower lace appliquesshimmery embroidery flower lace
high-end beaded phoenix lace appliquesshimmery lace appliques
botany motif lace appliquesbeautiful embroidery lace appliques
floral motif lace appliquesflower embroidery lace appliques
symmetric lace appliqueembroidery lace
shimmery embroidery laceshimmery lace appliques
beaded flower lace appliquesbeaded embroidery lace appliques
clear sequin flower lace appliqueshigh quality flower lace applique
beaded symmetric totem lace appliquedelicate beading lace
beaded cording lace appliquesflower beaded lace appliques
large symmetric flower lace appliquesflower embroidery appliques
symmetric flower lace appliquesembroidery flower lace
large totem corded lace appliqueabstract pattern large applique
embroidery lace appliqueclear sequin lace applique
wholesale large flower lace appliquesclear sequin embroidery lace
wholesale embroidery lace appliquesembroidery flower lace appliques
corded embroider alce appliquesdelicate corded flower lace
3D flower beaded lace appliques3D inwrought flower lace
Wild Big Leaf Pattern Embroidery Lace AppliqueWild Big Leaf Pattern Embroidery Lace

Lace Appliques

Brydealo Factory provides a wide range of Lace Appliques in a variety of sequinned, beaded and embroidered styles. Lace Appliques are decorative motifs, usually sewn to an existing fabric such as tulle or netting often with a matching lace or lace trim. Perfect for costumes and bridal wear. Wholesale Only!