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Luxurious Wholesale Designer Fabrics

Immerse yourself in Brydealo Factory's world of wholesale designer fabrics. Offering an array of luxurious materials - lace, silk, crepe, chiffon, satin, and more, we're your trusted destination for all things fabric. Hand-made flowers, beading, sequins adorn our fabrics, infusing sparkle and style into your projects. Whether for wedding gowns, formal attire, fashion pieces or home decor, we've got you covered. Shop now and elevate your creations with our exceptional fabrics.

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purple beaded lace appliquesluxury embroidery appliques
eyelash double border flower lacedelicate flower motif chantilly lace
delicate beaded flower lace fabrictiny 3D flower beading lace
3D flower lace appliqueblack satin flower pearl lace
black flower lace appliques sold as a pairblack flower embroidery appliques
geometry pattern lace fabricembroidered lace fabric
shimmery large flower motif laceclear sequin flower lace
Chantilly flower lace fabricwholesale flower lace fabric
cording flower lace appliquescorded embroidered appliques
corded scalloped lace trimdelicate eyelash lace trim
large flower lacechiffon embroidery lace
hand-sewn flower lace appliquesromantic flower lace
black double border eyelash cording lace fabricblack corded lace
shimmery symmetric lace appliqueclear sequin embroidered lace applique
Delicate Botanic Chemical Lace AppliquesDelicate Botanic Chemical Lace Appliques
flower embroidered lace appliquesembroidered lace
Luxury 3D Flower Sequined Lace FabricLuxury 3D Flower Sequined Lace Fabric
tiny flower polyester tiny flower chemical lace trimsingle border flower lace trim
shimmery eyelash double border lace trimdouble border lace trim
cotton corded shimmery lace appliquesclear sequin corded flower lace appliques
sparkly geometry sequin fabricgreen patterned sequin fabric
shimmery flower lace fabricdelicate shimmery flower lace fabric
silver patterned sequin fabricsparkly sequin fabric for prom dress
quality designer flower lace appliquesembroidered flower lace appliques
double border cording lace fabricdesigner delicate corded bridal lace
shimmery flower lacedelicate clear sequin flower lace
totem embroidered lace fabricclear sequin lace fabric
leaf embroidered lace fabricembroidered leaf pattern lace fabric
flower lace pearl beading fabric3D tulle flower
designer bridal lace fabric3D flower embroidery lace
flower lace appliquescorded flower lace appliques
flower lace trimflower motif lace trim
corded flower lace appliquescording flower lace
flower Chantilly lace fabricdouble border flower lace fabric
small flower embroidered lacetiny flower bridal lace
geometry chemical lacehigh quality chemical lace
embroidered flower sequin appliquesequin embroidered applique
symmetric totem beaded lace appliquebeaded embroidery applique
flower embroidery bridal laceclear sequin flower lace fabric
cream white sequined lace appliqueswhite sequin lace appliques
corded flower lace fabriccorded flower lace appliques
small flower lace fabricwarp knitted lace
scalloped corded lace trimcorded totem lace
abstract motif embroidery laceclear sequin embroidery lace
symmetric flower chemical lace appliqueschemical lace appliques
symmetric chemical lace appliquedelicate symmetric applique sold by the piece
cotton flower lace appliqueshigh quality flower lace
Chantilly lace fabricthin Chantilly lace


Welcome to BrydealoFactory's exquisite Designer Lace Fabrics Collection, a haven for wedding dress and formal gown creators. Immerse yourself in a world of premium lace, featuring an extensive array of lace fabrics, lace appliques, and lace trims. Our curated selection includes the most sought-after lace types, such as Chantilly, Alençon, Guipure, and more. Crafted for perfection, each piece radiates timeless beauty and unparalleled quality. Elevate your creations with the finest lace, meticulously chosen to bring your bridal designs to life. Explore our collection and unlock a realm of possibilities, where elegance meets affordability. Enjoy the best quality at friendly wholesale prices, making your creative journey seamless and rewarding. BrydealoFactory - Where Dreams Unfold in Lace.