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Double Border Phoenix Tail Flower Chantilly Lace Fabric

SKU: F0181

Indulge in the allure of our exquisite Double Border Phoenix Tail Flower Chantilly Lace Fabric. Elevate your designs with the enchanting beauty of this lace fabric, meticulously crafted to inspire creativity. The Phoenix Tail floral motifs gracefully flow along the edges, radiating elegance and charm. Our Chantilly lace fabric boasts premium quality, ensuring a soft, luxurious feel and flawless drape, perfect for haute couture dresses, evening gowns, and bridal wear. This versatile lace adds a touch of sophistication to home décor, elevating curtains, tablecloths, and more. With a delicate touch and intricate design, fashion designers and artisans cherish its adaptability and finesse. Discover the artistry of timeless elegance with the Double Border Phoenix Tail Chantilly Lace Fabric, available at wholesale prices, exclusively at BrydealoFactory.

  • sold by the yard
  • shown color: light ivory
  • content: polyester
  • elasticity: no
  • width: approx. 150cm
Color:Light Ivory