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Chantilly Lace with Flower Motif and Sparkling Sequins

SKU: F0165
Elevate your designs with our exquisite Chantilly lace featuring a captivating flower motif, double scalloped borders, and dazzling sequins. This luxurious lace is the epitome of elegance, perfect for creating high-end wedding dresses and evening formal gowns. The delicate flower motif adds a romantic touch, while the double scalloped borders provide a graceful finish. Sparkling sequins in big and small sizes adorn the lace, creating a captivating shimmer that catches the light. Clear beading adds an additional level of sophistication and intricate detail. With its superior quality and timeless appeal, our Chantilly lace is a must-have for designers seeking to create exceptional and glamorous pieces. Unleash your creativity and make a statement with our Chantilly Lace with Flower Motif and Sparkling Sequins, designed for unforgettable high-end creations.
  • sold by a piece, 1 piece = 3 yards
  • MOQ: 5 pieces (shown price is for 1 piece)
  • shown color: light ivory
  • content: polyester, nylon, PET
  • weight: heavy weight
  • washing instructions: hand wash/drip dry
Color:Light Ivory