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Glossy Elastic Jersey Fabric Color Chart | 120+ Colors

SKU: F0001
Discover the versatile beauty of our Glossy Elastic Jersey Fabric Color Chart, exclusively brought to you by BrydealoFactory. With over 120 vibrant colors to choose from, this premium jersey fabric is a dream come true for fashion designers and dressmakers alike. Its lustrous finish adds a touch of elegance to any outfit, making it perfect for crafting stylish wedding formal dresses and highly sought-after bridesmaid dresses. The fabric's elastic properties ensure a comfortable fit and easy handling during the sewing process. Elevate your designs with our exceptional Glossy Elastic Jersey Fabric and create unforgettable garments that impress with both beauty and quality.
  • content: polyester, spandex
  • sold by the yard
  • width: 150cm
  • design(s) made of it:  21018
  • order the fabric:  F0001
  • leave a note about color number from the color chart if the color is not listed in color option.