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Rose Gold Patterned Sequined Lace Fabric

SKU: F0182

Create mesmerizing prom dresses and glamorous evening gowns with our stunning Rose Gold Patterned Sequin Fabric. Crafted to perfection, this fabric is designed to add a touch of magic to your special occasions. The exquisite rose gold sequins shimmer brilliantly, reflecting light in every direction. Its elegant pattern enhances the allure, making it a favorite among fashion designers and DIY enthusiasts alike. The fabric's high-quality ensures durability and comfort, ensuring you'll stand out in both style and comfort. Unleash your creativity as this sequin fabric is perfect not only for prom dresses but also for cocktail dresses, dazzling tops, and luxurious accessories. The versatility of this fabric makes it an ideal choice for any glamorous event. Transform your designs with the enchanting charm of our Rose Gold Patterned Sequin Fabric, available at wholesale prices, exclusively at BrydealoFactory.

  • shown color: rose gold
  • sold by the yard
  • content: polyester, PET
  • width: 130cm