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Whimsical Wedding Bliss Xmas Tree


Introducing our Whimsical Wedding Bliss Xmas Tree, a unique fusion of love and holiday cheer. This enchanting tree is meticulously crafted from leftover fabrics of wedding dresses, exuding a soft, light pinkish hue that mirrors the romance of weddings. Adorned with matte snow sequins, scattered artfully for a touch of magic, it's the perfect decor for bridal stores and wedding parties during the festive season. Elevate your space with this creative masterpiece, blending the charm of weddings with the joy of Christmas. Embrace the spirit of celebration sustainably with BrydealoFactory.

  • shown color: pink
  • material: tulle, sequins, hard mesh, horsehair, pearls
  • height: 50cm, bottom diameter: 35cm
Color:Light Ivory